Settings file

Variables can be set in Vlad's settings file to alter how you'd like your VM to be configured. See here for a full list of available variables.

Vlad settings file location

Vlad is happy for you to store your settings in several possible locations (relative to Vlad's Vagrantfile):

  1. vlad_guts/vlad_settings.yml
  2. settings/vlad_settings.yml
  3. ../settings/vlad_settings.yml
  4. ../../settings/vlad_settings.yml

This list is in order of precedence, if Vlad finds more than one file it will prefer the file nearest the top of the list.

See Project structure for more information about why you'd want to consider the location of your settings file.

"Local" settings file

Vlad's settings can be further overridden via an optional, additional "local" settings file in one of several possible locations (relative to Vlad's Vagrantfile):

  1. vlad_guts/local_settings.yml
  2. settings/vlad_local_settings.yml
  3. ../settings/vlad_local_settings.yml
  4. ../../settings/vlad_local_settings.yml

The local settings file will always be loaded last and provides a convenient means to make adjustments to your own environment that may be out of the scope of the project itself. For example:

  • boxipaddress
  • git_user_email
  • git_user_name
  • hosts_file_location
  • hosts_file_update
  • host_synced_folder
  • synced_folder_type
  • use_host_id