Change log

Version 1.2.0

  • Modified the and script files to accept a user parameter as -u as well a tags parameter (-t).
  • Some commits to fix the Travis build process.
  • Added the vlad_synced_folder_mount_options variable in order to allow for parameters to be passed to the NFS creation.
  • Added Ubuntu 16.04 and Centos 7.
  • Added option for PHP 7 and 7.1.
  • Removed suppoert for Ubuntu 12.
  • Fix for variable syntax in Ansible 2.
  • Added Drupal console back into the default build of Vlad.
  • Setting the max version of ansible required to 2.1.
  • Fixing xhprof install, also added SSL profiling.
  • Removed aberdeencloud cli role.
  • Some minor syntax changes and code tidy up.
  • Thanks to wizonesolutions for providing many of the fixes in this version!

Version 1.1.8

  • Update of some tasks in Vlad to allow a full test build inside Travis.
  • Updated the Solr role version to allow for path fix.

Version 1.1.7


  • Vlad no longer handles Drush site aliases (add aliases via your site codebase or via a custom playbook).
  • The .vagrant directory is now placed beside vlad_settings.yml
  • Updated from CentOS 6.6 to 6.7 (vlad_os will now expect a value of "centos67")
  • Now using "bento" base boxes for all operating systems & providers.


  • Tweaked defaults as discussed in #345
  • Shell prompt: allow force copying of .bash_prompt + housekeeping
  • Merge pull request #346 from christopher-hopper/feature/git-drush-bash-prompt
  • Turn-off git upstream checks in bling bash prompt.
  • Return cross symbol to bling bash prompt.
  • Show hostname in bling bash prompt title bar
  • Whitespace and line endings for bling bash prompt
  • Return Apotropaic properties to bash prompt
  • Configure and enable improved bash prompt
  • Enable drush bash completion and prompt for all
  • Move dev branch info to CONTRIBUTING Issues heading
  • Use named anchor for issues in Contributing guide
  • Add Github contribution guidelines file
  • Added leading zero to octal file permission.
  • Travis now lints site.yml playbook again.
  • Refactored use of Ansible sudo to become.
  • Added a Vlad debug role to aid with testing and development.
  • reverting a small change in the version file retrieval, now using the indentory_dir ansible variable
  • minor cleanup from #333 / #324
  • fix #335 - suppress re-initialize output noise
  • Drush role now lives in Ansible Galaxy
  • Merge pull request #333 from wizonesolutions/fix-local_inventory_dir
  • Use an extra var for inventory directory.
  • Added in variable and option to select optional packages to install (as per issue #205)
  • Removed the "resume" trigger from the vagrant triggers as this isn't needed really (fixing issue #329)
  • Removed another whitespace character in the example settings file that could cause a syntax error if left in there
  • Removed the whitespace from in front of the variables in the example settings file
  • Removed an instance of duplicate variable (vm_cpus and vm_membory)
  • Fix #324 set fallback value for inventory_dir
  • Removed a syntax error from the local_up_services.yml file (duplicate command on a task)
  • Fix issue #324 by using the inventory_dir variable instead of a relative reference to the file in the host.ini file creation and the Vlad version lookup
  • Vagrantfile comment house keeping.
  • Merge pull request #317 from zxaos/308-unify-base-boxes
  • Merge pull request #312 from zxaos/253-move-vagrant-dir
  • Merge pull request #320 from zxaos/266-remove-ansible-ssh-key
  • Remove ansible ssh key config in default ansible settings
  • Add libselinux-python to centos build
  • Added support to install Drush from packaged file download
  • Pantheon_import_site is now pantheon_import
  • Merge pull request #311 from zxaos/update-example-settings
  • Fixed/updated D8 (stable) install script
  • Added a task to the base role to setup the guest machines /etc/hosts file with the currently defined local urls (as per issue #298)
  • Merge pull request #306 from mvance/innodb_import_performance
  • Adding options to allow for better innodb import performance.
  • Merge pull request #303 from wizonesolutions/bug-fix-pantheon
  • Merge pull request #300 from mvance/ruby_install_fix
  • Now using ansible-role-pantheon-cli 1.0.0.beta.3
  • Resolving issue #295 by installing Ruby earlier.
  • Merge pull request #292 from wizonesolutions/feature-pantheon-import
  • Add support for importing Pantheon sites.
  • Solr is now managed by a Galaxy Role
  • Initial run of drush now with sudo to allow drush 6.x to resolve dependencies
  • Merge pull request #286 from zxaos/dev
  • Settings can now be stored at [greatgrandparent_directory]/settings/
  • Created a composer.json file for integration with composer packages and
  • Added option to create a private files directory in vlad_aux on provision
  • Some tweaks to the .gitignore file to remove some over zealous file exclusion rules
  • Added PECL extension for Redis to Redis task (enhancement #275)
  • Added versions into the tomcat and solr requirements.yml file, also added the tomcat role into the site.yml provisioning file
  • Some other smaller comments, documentation, housekeeping, formatting and idempotency changes.

Version 1.1.6


  • Vlad now always uses vlad_settings.yml instead of settings.yml (wherever it's located).
  • Vlad now always uses vlad_local_settings.yml instead of local_settings.yml (wherever it's located).


  • Bumped ansible-role-pantheon-cli version to 1.0.0.beta.2
  • Improving idempotency of base role, mysql role, and site playbook (pull reqest #282).
  • Correcting a bug in the location of the merged_settings_file that caused commands like "vagrant global-status --prune" to fail.
  • Updating the file to add a dependencies section to make it easier to get Vlad installed (pull request #278).
  • Setting correct Centos apache restart handler in PHP role.
  • Updated the version number from 1.0-13 to 1.0-14 of the Centos IUS RPM PHP library.
  • Vlad now uses Ansible Galaxy roles (in part).
  • Added option to install AberdeenCloud Command Line Tools.
  • Added option to install Pantheon CLI (aka Terminus).
  • New variable vlad_db_dump_on_halt_destroy controls whether the database is dumped on vagrant halt and vagrant destroy (default behaviour unchanged).
  • Added options to automatically install a fresh copy of Drupal when provisioning. Docs on new vars here.
  • Revised Drush installation (you now pick your Drush version up front, Drush 8 now supported).
  • Project settings & local overrides now have an extra location that they can live in. See Settings file.
  • Fixed ImageMagick test.
  • Phing & PEAR no longer installed as part of Vlad.
  • Additional Drush commands can now be defined for installation. New variable docs here.

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed #272: Sort git tags by version number, so gets latest beta.
  • Fixed #269: "vlad_guts" yet to be fully rolled out in Vagrantfile.
  • Added the language-pack-en apt package in order to prevent a Ubuntu login issue where the system was complaining about the locale not being set.
  • Changed example.settings.yml into example.vlad_settings.yml and the custom settings.yml into vlad_settings.yml.
  • Found a small mistake in the tests on the web server setup (no port was present).
  • Merge pull request #264 from mvance/ruby-fix.
  • Fixed database import from file(s).
  • Added prerequisite packages for Ruby to install on Debian.
  • Drush alias functionality is now aware of recently added settings location.
  • Fixed ImageMagick tests.

Version 1.1.4


  • Vlad's custom role feature has been upgraded to support a full custom playbook (therefore potentially supporting multiple roles).
    • See Custom playbook for details.
    • Settings files will need to be amended to use new variables.
    • Existing custom roles will need to be amended to work as standalone playbooks.
    • Vlad vars & settings will not be automatically passed to the custom playbook.
    • Vlad handlers will not be automatically made available to the custom playbook.
    • The custom playbook's name & location is completely flexible.
  • Changed the core 'vlad' directory to be called 'vlad_guts' (#258).


  • Fix for directory not being accessible when using NPM (#223).
  • Fix for DNS addresses not being resolved correctly (#252).
  • Moved Vagrant Cachier support from :machine to :box (#257).
  • Fix for vmware provisioning (pull request #256).
  • Correction of syntax in a Solr provisioning task (pull request #251).
  • Correction of typo in main Vlad index.php file.
  • Added MySQL slow query log support (#155).
  • Added support for provisioning with a custom base box.

Version 1.1.3

  • Update of the Solr version to allow for the change in version on the Solr mirrors (#232).
  • Added fix to allow the Vlad user to have greater access over local databases (#230).

Version 1.1.2

  • Tweaks and fixes to the MySQL role, now more stable.
  • Set skip_name_resolve to false as a default in MySQL.
  • Sorted out PHP tags within PHP role.
  • Added max_input_vars and max_input_time parameters to PHP config.
  • Added a task to ensure loose permissions on /tmp directory.
  • Removed some duplicate tasks.
  • No longer using UPD as transport for NFS (#216).
  • Increased xdeub.max_nesting_level for Drupal 8 requirement.
  • Added MySQL connections for root user from

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed (#213) a bug with Solr role in Ansible 1.9.x+.
  • Some tweaks to the script to make it more reliable (#214).
  • Allowed default and root user in MySQL to have GRANT privileges (#218).
  • Tweaked the MySQL role slightly to make it more reliable.
  • Added a minimum Ansible version check (set to 1.8.4).
  • Added drush_structure_tables variable to allow default table skipping functionality with sql-dump.

Version 1.1.0


  • Multisite support. webserver_hostname_alias is now webserver_hostname_aliases and expects an array. See Variables - Webserver.
  • Support for multiple databases. dbname now expects an array. See Variables - MySQL.
  • Vlad requires Vagrant 1.6.4 or higher (Vlad will check).
  • Automatic database dumps now reside in vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy and are named after each database.
  • Optional automatic database import now points at vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy if set to true.

Non-breaking changes

  • Drush make support. See Variables - Drush make.
  • Added automated testing support via Travis CI.
  • Vlad automatically installs required Vagrant plugins.
  • Local hosts file now managed by vagrant-hostsupdater plugin.
  • Increased stability now that vlad/host.ini is only used as an Ansible inventory.
  • Automatic database dumps on halt/destroy now work again.
  • Amends to how Ansible playbooks need to be run if used separately from Vagrant. See Ansible.
  • Drush backups now relocated to vlad_aux/drush_backups.
  • Drush dumps now relocated to vlad_aux/db_io/drush_dumps.
  • Added Drupal 6 install script.
  • Drush alias support. See Variables - Other settings.
  • More idempotent Ansible plays.
  • Now using Drush's example .drush_bashrc file by default (dr & dssh FTW!).
  • Now running syntax checking and minimal testing with
  • Reworked the Vagrantfile file in order to be more maintainable.
  • Updated the default index.php file.
  • Vlad now supports Windows.
  • Added a script called in order to help run Ansible tasks on the Vlad box.
  • Various small tweaks, fixes, corrections, and optimisations.

Version 1.0.4

  • PECL uploadprogress no longer installed by default
  • A small tweak to the way in which adminer is tested
  • Added a clause to turn off the default site on ubuntu 14 boxes
  • More stability fixes to drush playbook
  • Added a small change to allow xdebug with PHP 5.3 on debian to installed
  • Addresses #150: Drush clear cache handler
  • Addresses #151: Add hosts.ini location to ansible config file
  • Changed the command task to a shell task when using composer to download drush due to the * in the command
  • Added a couple of flags to the composer crush install to force it to install at /home/vagrant
  • Corrected an issue where the curl tests wouldn't resolve the host if the port wasn't present
  • Take of copy of any current local settings file on provision (vlad_aux/tmp/)
  • Minor grammar correction in settings feedback.
  • Undoing the Varnish/Apache port test change in 1.0.3.

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed some wonky yaml syntax - now using proper structured maps.
  • Fixed odd issue with ports test failing with default values.
  • Less software installed by default. A previous similar commit only amended example.settings.yml - this commit changes the actual default variable values.

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed #145: Sequel Pro connection issues.
  • Less software is now installed by default in the interest of simplicity and faster build times out of the box (LAMP stack + Drush).
  • Settings can be further overridden via an optional "local" settings file. See Settings file.
  • Added another settings file location so that the "outer" settings file can be kept alongside the VagrantFile.

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed #143: Drupal 8 dev install script error.

Version 1.0


  • Moved to using boolean values (true/false) for settings variables in place of "y"/"n" strings. This will cause Ansible to fail on existing installations until settings files are adapted accordingly.
  • Vlad's default operating system is now Ubuntu 14.04. Existing installations that require a different OS will need to specify that in their settings files using the vlad_os variable before re-provisioning. See Variables.
  • Renamed certain files/directories as per
    • vlad-custom is now vlad_custom (directory to store optional custom role)
    • vlad-settings.yml is now vlad_settings.yml (optional outer settings file for Vlad)
    • vlad-custom-settings.yml is now vlad_custom_settings.yml (optional outer settings file for custom role)

Non-breaking changes

  • Added multi operating system support. See Variables.
  • Added CentOS support. See Variables.
  • Added Ubuntu 14 support. See Variables.
  • Added support for different PHP versions, including 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6. See Variables.
  • Removed "Hacked!" module as it can only be used from within a Drupal site.
  • Added more options and variables for MySQL. See Variables.
  • Fixed issues in XHProf install.
  • Fixed general issues in PEAR and PECL installs.
  • Fixed uploadprogress install.
  • Path & name of vlad_aux directory on host box can now be controlled via settings. See Variables.
  • Custom roles no longer require a vars/main.yml file.
  • VM CPU cores & memory can now be tweaked in Vlad settings. See Variables.
  • Removed most detail from Vlad Readme file and setup a separate documentation site.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, formatting issues and standards updates.

Version 0.9.0

  • Updated repository links and documentation to point at github.
  • Updated the version of apachesolr and search_api_solr modules that were being downloaded to the latest.
  • Added the VersionControl_Git package as part of the phing install, also forced pear to download stable releases.
  • Added a clause to prevent the http_port and the varnish_http_port from being the same (if both items are installed).
  • Added clause to site.yml file to allow varnish to be removed if it's been previously installed.
  • Updated the Vagrantfile to use a Vagrant Share box image rather than a box_url.
  • Added licence.txt document.
  • Added option to allow either NFS or rsync to be used.
  • Updated the pimpmylog role to use a2ensite when creating the logs site.
  • Updated apache task to disable the default apache site.
  • Updated the hosts test to test for the existence of the sites internally, rather than potentially relying on a broken hosts file.
  • Added lazy loading of different settings files.
  • Several changes to improve the idempotency of tasks.
  • Switched to rbenv for Ruby management (from RVM).
  • Updated Mailcatcher to use rbenv when installing and running.
  • Update of formatting and information on default index.php file.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, formatting issues and standards updates.

Version 0.8.6

  • Fix for Issue #74. Duplicate parameters in MySQL role causing errors.

Version 0.8.5

  • Added ruby as being installed by default with an additional pre-build check for ruby when installing Mailcatcher.

Version 0.8.4

  • Allowed ssh identities to be passed from host to box (Issue #37).
  • Added additional up trigger to ensure all services are restarted when the box is started (Issue #43).
  • Added Vlad release version file (Issue #50).
  • Added new holding page (Issue #52).
  • Fixed Mailcatcher install (Issue #53).
  • PimpMyLogs config is now done automatically (Issue #55).
  • Added git global credentials (Issue #56).
  • PHP Uploadprogress PECL package is now optional (Issue #58).

Version 0.8.3

  • Tweaked the Varnish default.vcl file and updated the Varnish Ansible task to restart Varnish if this file was updated.
  • Fixed a bug in the Ansible ssh options that caused them not to be translated correctly.
  • Small documentation change.

Version 0.8.2

  • Changed 'aux' directory to be 'vlad_aux'.
  • Added ssh options to allow Ansible playbooks to run.
  • Added 'add_index_file' option to control the creation of an index.php file in the webroot.
  • Fixed a bug in Vagrantfile that stopped the triggers running.

Version 0.8.1

  • Made vagrant-triggers a requirement of running Vlad.
  • Updated Solr to version 4.7.2
  • Added HTTPS support.
  • Added PECL uploadprogress.
  • Added some clauses to try and catch incorrect settings being used with Apache and Varnish.
  • Added option to import a database file into the default database on 'vagrant up'.

Version 0.8

  • Added ability to use custom playbooks within Vlad.
  • Added /aux directory and internal directory structure.
  • Added option to set Ansible verbosity via the settings file.
  • Added support for Vagrant share.
  • Changed the Vagrant file to use the new vagrant-triggers syntax.
  • Moved Vlad into it's own directory.
  • Added vlad-rsync script to allow other projects easy update to newer versions of vlad.
  • Minor tweaks to comments and documentation.
  • Adding destroy trigger check to vagrant file.
  • Update of Solr to version 4.7.1
  • Fix slight bug in PHP memcache install as directory version has changed.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.7.5

  • Added vagrant-triggers plugin support.
  • Added option to specify webroot directory from settings.yml.
  • Documentation updates and removal of items into the Wiki to simplify main readme file.
  • Some minor enhancements.

Version 0.7.4

  • Changed MySQL setup in order to allow remote access via tools like sequel pro.

Version 0.7.3

  • Update of Vagrant and settings.yml file and tweaks to the readme file.
  • Change of Vagrantfile to include settings from the settings.yml file.
  • Documentation updates.

Version 0.7.2

  • Documentation updates.
  • Rework of Solr install.
  • Fixed errors in main readme.

Version 0.7.1

  • Added option for localhosts file location.
  • Added initial support for post destroy actions.
  • Tweaks to the Solr install.
  • Added option to fail build if an incorrect Solr/Drupal integration module was found.
  • Added ability to switch between Solr/Drupal integration via Search API module or via ApacheSolr module.
  • Change to make PHP errors turned on as a default.
  • Moved Vagrantfile example.Vagrantfile and settings.yml into example.settings.yml
  • Altering mail catcher to allow install via gem and install via RVM.
  • Added PimpMyLog to view log output.
  • Added Node.js support.
  • Added ImageMagick support.
  • Stopping /batch from having xhprof output applied to it as it breaks Drupal batch runs.
  • Removing duplicate configuration entries for php execution time.
  • Removed install routines & tests for rubygems, rake & bundler (will be handled via RVM).
  • Minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

Version 0.7

  • Added RVM support and removed CSS tools support.
  • Changed mailcatcher to also use RVM instead of default gems.
  • Adding tests for ruby installed components.
  • Fix for issue no. 12. Adding fix to memcached install to notify apache once install is complete (thanks for the fix.

Version 0.6.4

  • Changed the vagrant-cachier nfs setting.
  • Changed the default index.php file to a templated version that only gets included when a file called index.php doesn't already exist in the docroot directory.
  • Added some documentation to the Drupal install scripts.

Version 0.6.3

  • Correcting small drush reference error in drupal 8 install script.
  • Making PHP 5.4 the default install option as Drush and Drupal 8 requires this.
  • Small tidy up of the main .gitignore file.
  • docroot/index.php file -> Formatting, moving items around, adding a description of Solr.

Version 0.6.2

  • Fix for issue no. 7 Changed tests for different setups of Apache and Vagrant.

Version 0.6.1

  • Updating Solr to version 4.7.0

Version 0.6

  • Added Redis.
  • Moved some of the settings around to allow easier customisation of the box.
  • Tweaked the vagrant-cachier settings.
  • Added post install tests.
  • Fixed some more Drush elements.
  • Added a test task that is run as a post task to setting up the box.
  • Moved all settings into a single settings.yml file.
  • Allowed certain components to be turned on and off via the settings.yml file.
  • Added a always_run flag to the tasks that need to be run in order to allow the --check flag to execute cleanly.
  • Added support for selecting between PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Documentation updates.

Version 0.5.10

- - Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.5.9

  • Split apart Drush and Pear installs into separate playbooks.
  • Changed Drush to use a Composer based install.
  • Split out Admirer and Xhpof from Apache role into two separate roles.
  • Moved CSS tasks into a separate role.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Documentation updates.

Version 0.5.8

  • Added tags support to playbooks.
  • Added instructions on using tags to the readme file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.5.7

  • Documentation updates.
  • Added the creation of host.ini files for use with Ansible (re)provisioning outside of Vagrant.

Version 0.5.6

  • Re-enabled the sendmail playbook.
  • Rake is now a requirement of installing respond-to so added that as an installed package.
  • Added python-mysqldb requirement to xhprof playbook.
  • Changed drupal_install script to drupal7_install and drupal8_install script.

Version 0.5.5

  • Added LESS support.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Documentation changes.

Version 0.5.4

  • Split out sendmail and mailcatcher into separate roles.
  • Documentation changes.

Version 0.5.3

  • Bug fix release.

Version 0.5.2

  • Changed the sub-directory structure for Adminer and Xhprof into sub-domains.

Version 0.5.1

  • Bug fix release.

Version 0.5

  • Added Munin.
  • Split apart Apache and Varnish configurations.
  • Created a main handlers file and moved generic service handlers into it.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.4

  • Added Solr support
  • Moved the web folder from 'www.drupal.local' to 'site'.
  • Abstracted out variables into a general variables file.
  • Added atop and vim support.
  • Added local actions to update hosts file with box addresses.
  • Fixed error in Adminer index file and changed the Adminer css file to a different theme.

Version 0.3

  • Added Composer support.
  • Added correct configuration option for verbose ansible.
  • Removing deprecated 'only_if' setting and replacing with 'when'.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.2.5

  • Added profiling support to xdebug ini and updated drupal install script.
  • Update of index.php file to give better documentation.
  • Added Phing support.
  • Default max file upload size is now 100MB.
  • Added instructions for Vagrant cache and Xhprof in the readme file.

Version 0.2.4

  • Added in graphviz dot options for xhprof configuration.

Version 0.2.3

  • Update of support for vagrant-cachier to allow Vlad to run without the plugin.

Version 0.2.2

  • Added vagrant-cachier support.

Version 0.2.1

  • Added Drupal install scripts.
  • Added Xhprof to readme.
  • Fixed some bugs in Xhprof setup.

Version 0.2

  • Added Xhprof support

Version 0.1

  • Initial release.