Submitting Patches

If you have a fix or change to submit to the Vlad repo then please do not create a pull request against the 'master' branch. The mast branch must only contain working code and as such only contains the current version of Vlad. The 'dev' branch is used to store the next version of Vlad and although care is taken not to add bugs to this branch it should be treated as unstable.

Following these instructions to create a pull request for Vlad.

  1. Fork Vlad into your own repo.
  2. Create a feature branch. It's fine to call this 'dev' as long as your pull request is descriptive.
  3. Commit your changes using a commit message.
  4. Push to you branch.
  5. Create new Pull Request on github.

Try to be descriptive as you can in your pull request. Although we will read the files you've changed we would still appreciate it if you can signify your intent. Also, try to keep pull requests on topic as it's difficult to accept a patch if it changes lots of things in different areas of the project.