Task attribute order convention

In order to make the Ansible tasks in Vlad easy to read they should follow the following order of attributes:

  1. name - should also follow the name convention.
  2. module - followed by attributes (e.g. command: ls -la).
  3. with_items - used to supply a list of options to the task.
  4. sudo - used if the task needs sudo access.
  5. when - used to run a check before running the task.
  6. tags - roles will generally have their own tags so these should only be added to tasks in certain circumstances.
  7. Any other option pertinent to the operation of the task (e.g. changed_when, failed_when etc).
  8. notify - needed if the task changes something that needs to restart a service. This should always appear at the end of the task block.


- name: add varnish vcl
  template: src=varnish_defaultvcl.j2 dest=/etc/varnish/default.vcl
  sudo: true
   - restart varnish

- name: install MailCatcher prerequisite packages
  apt: pkg={{ item }} state=installed
    - rubygems
    - libsqlite3-dev
    - ruby-dev
  sudo: true